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Adult Class

Bring your treasures to class! This class will reuse found objects. You can make a collage out of them and /or a sculpture doll. You can add the small sculpture to your collage. The possibilities are endless! Bring things that have meaning to you. Things from the past lying in a drawer or something from your family members that you don't know what to do with it but is nostalgic to you. Or bring in items that you found in a thrift-shop, flea market or antique shop.

Cost: $ 125.00
The focus of this workshop will be painting cheerful and colorful flowers using a loose, contemporary style! Saturday June 15th 10am-1pm

Cost: $ 85.00
Instructor, Lydia Pottoff, will guide you through her process of painting a summer landscape from sketch to completion. She will discuss the importance of creating a value 'roadmap' thumbnail sketch to help you in your planning stages. Then we'll discuss looking at various compositional strategies and the process of creating an alcohol under-painting with layers of pastel on top. We'll look at techniques for making your summer greens both sparkle and come alive! You are welcome to bring your own photos or work from the ones the Instructor supplies. A material list will be emailed prior to the class. Mid- Beginner to Intermediate, some prior experience is helpful. Half an hour lunch break, feel free to bring a sack lunch. Saturday June 1st, 10-4pm

Cost: $ 85.00

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