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This class is a beginners introduction to the wonderful world of watercolors! Our instructor with be Hanlie Wessels. The class is designed to be a information session with a few demos - all levels welcome. Please bring what materials you have. If you don't have any, please don't buy yet - we'll discuss brand names and quality of painting supplies and then if you decide to continue, you can buy. We will also discuss expectations, the process of creating a painting, touch on the philosophy of the creative process, touch on design and Hanlie will do a few demos so you can see what is expected from brushes, paints and paper. Those with materials can dabble/ paint so the instructor get an idea of where you are technically. Link to the Instructors bio can be found at Saturday August 3rd 10am-Noon $50

Cost: $ 50.00
Students will learn the basics of printing a cyanotype photograph using a digital negative. Students will also learn how to tone their print with various materials from the kitchen such as tea and coffee. The goal is to produce a finished print measuring 5" x 7" ready to display. Negatives will be provided unless up to 3 high contrast digital photos are emailed by 6/19/24 to If no images are emailed by specified date students will print from images provided by the instructor. All materials included. Saturday June 29th from 11am - 2pm. Class fee is $70, limited to 8 students. The Instructor is Tess Tubbs.

Cost: $ 70.00
Bring your treasures to class! This class will reuse found objects. You can make a collage out of them and /or a sculpture doll. You can add the small sculpture to your collage. The possibilities are endless! Bring things that have meaning to you. Things from the past lying in a drawer or something from your family members that you don't know what to do with it but is nostalgic to you. Or bring in items that you found in a thrift-shop, flea market or antique shop.

Cost: $ 125.00
Figure drawing with a live model. No instructor provided but the easels and model are. Join us for an opportunity to draw from life. Bring your own preferred drawing materials. Every Friday morning 9-Noon $15 Limited space so a reservation is required Email Cherri at to see if there is space available to attend.

Cost: $ 15.00

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