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About Tumbleweed Art Collective

I, Amy Ellis, am the designer, maker and creative behind Tumbleweed Studio & Tumbleweed Art Collective.

I immensely enjoy creating the many ideas that float into my consciousness. Currently, my favorite media to explore are clay, paper, fabric, metal and found objects.
Growing up around a junkyard and in and out of local auction houses, I've always had a deep love for all things vintage and funky. My earliest recollection are of my dad taking me to the local drug store where I picked out various unconventional "art supplies" to entertain myself. Beads, string, paperclips... All items were fair game and led to some very interesting creations. 

Teenage years consisted of painting, theater, photography, clay, sewing... anything to keep my hands busy. Which eventually led to adulthood, marriage, kids and most importantly Halloween, the ultimate family art project! Out of a growing need for creative expression, Tumbleweed Studio was born at my kitchen table, expanded into a room of my own, and now has blossomed into my biggest endeavor yet, the Tumbleweed Art Collective.

Contact Us

  • Tumbleweed Art Collective
    1333 Coffman Street
    Longmont, Colorado 80501
    Call us now: (303) 960-9382
  • Wednesday-Saturday 10-6pm